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Easton Mako Torq Brett Helmer End-Loaded ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (2016)

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MAD MAX says:
    The Mako Torq came out in 2015 and was easily the most talked about bat. The truth is some good, some not. I would be honest with you if I didn't like the Torq. I know this. It has a purpose and I would say try it and see what you think. The Torq has what we call a rotating handle this allows for two things to happen. One thing is your hands will always line up with that palm up, palm down technique. The honest truth is that you will not feel this happening at all. I would suggest just swing the bat and not think about it. The second thing is that is no way Easton could come up with a bat that would have the barrel rotate and be approved as well, so they did the next best thing when the handle rotates the barrel will to which will mean more balls hit the sweet spot of the bat. The TORQ will also feature Composite Handle with a Composite Handle. It is truly a bat of the future. This model is the end loaded model so there will be some weight at the end of the barrel. This will also be the ASA model. What I love about Easton's end loaded bats are that they put the end loaded weight on the bat if it is 26oz-1oz endload 27oz-2oz endload and 28oz-3oz endload. The Torq has a purpose and a place.



    Easton Mako Torq Brett Helmer End-Loaded ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat SP16MLA (2016)

    ASA 2013 Certified Slowpitch Bat

    ASA 2013 Certified Slowpitch Bat

    There will be a new Certification Mark to be used on future bat models manufactured for the game of Slow Pitch for 2013 and beyond. The current 2000 and 2004 Certification Marks will continue to be valid Marks for the existing Slow Pitch bats.

    Any new models produced by the manufacturers will display the new Certification Mark for bats used in the game of Slow Pitch Softball for ASA.

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    Page Name: Easton Mako Torq Brett Helmer End-Loaded ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat SP16MLA (2016)
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